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Xbox one had the ability to connect to DLNA out of the box, however it did not have the ability or software to detect the connections. I was using ArkMC which is an app for the iPhone and iPad to detect my HDhomerun prime which is a DLNA cable tv tuner to connect to the xbox. Once i told the Xbox to connect to that DLNA server (a specific channel) i could even turn off my phone. The main problem i have and still have is that channels that are DRM protected by time warner to include C-span2,3,4 are DRM locked which means i cannot view them on xbox1 which is techniquely illegal sense these channels and many more are public access channels and should be viewed without limitations let alone i cannot tune to cartoon network or my favorite channel BBC america. I really dislike the cisco cable box's we pay for by time warner, they are out of date only 2 tuners at max and cost between 26-35 dollars a month with all the unadvertised cost TWC charges. on top of that they frequently crash and are poorly designed. But the HDhomerun prime works great it has 3 tuners and over a few months period it pays for it self. Also you can have multiple of these devices on your network. I watch all channels on ps3 which is getting slow it was one of the first PS3 and traveled with me as i moved in the Military but i believe water may have damaged it when the Military transported it back to the states. I can play all non-drm channels on mac, and all channels on my windows pc. but i do not want to waste all that power by having to keep the PC on let alone the fact that windows Operating system is glitchy and i would like to get rid of the need of using it completely. A feature that the xbox dose not have as well is recording DLNA channels from the HDhome run as well, let alone setting up the TV to use the DLNA server as the TV source.

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