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Wishing it were true, but doubtful...

The Skunkworks guys are good but not as brilliant as they used to be sadly (see the failure of the X-33 programme - great concept, but they couldn't build it). And their core competence is building prototypes of high-performance military aircraft, rather than revolutionary energy production systems.

So I am sceptical. I want them to be right but they don't provide details of how far they have got, so I have to assume they are being more than a little optimistic and don't have enough physicists in-house to challenge this guy (who may also have a great concept which is unbuildable, too). As someone else has said, containing plasma at those temps is really, really hard (someone once compared it to caging a hypersonic serpent hotter than the sun - that gives a sense of the challenge) and a lot of very very smart people have been trying to solve this problem for decades. It may be this guy is on to something but I'm afraid I find it more than a little unlikely.

I hope they release more details because although JET and at some point ITER have and will succeed through the brute force of throwing huge sums of money at the problem - as well as time, I am not convinced that the TOKOMAK design is ever going to be economically attractive, even if it proves to be viable.

I suspect in the end we will find that the best source of our future energy needs is output of the closest fusion reactor we have available: the sun (the star, not the paper).

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