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Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast

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Clean ?????

> The process creates helium-4, freeing neutrons that carry the released energy kinetically through the confining magnetic fields.

> Compact fusion reactors of this type would solve the world's energy needs at a stroke, slash carbon emissions, and ensure reliable, clean power anywhere in the world with some easy-to-obtain fuel: hydrogen.

You need a process that creates helium-6 for it to be clean, just saying. El'Reg, ask the professor, he will confirm.

So they'll have a prototype in 10 years ? ITER claims they will have one next year ... not that it will be energy-positive, mind, nor operate longer than 10 seconds, with days of "planned downtime" before they turn it on again for 10 seconds. At ITER they built a fission reactor in the building next door so they need not care about "energy-positivity".

Oh, and the self-appointed fusion experts on here know where the downvote button is, don't they.

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