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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


Plagiarism & poor writing & piss poor science


Where to start

1. Plagiarism "Kill the moon" has been lifted from a 1930's SciFi anthology called "Before the Golden Age", edited by Isaac Asimov, isbn 0-903895-28-5 . The story it was lifted from was 'Born of the Sun' by Jack Williamson, Copyright 1934 by Street & Smith Publications.

2. Bad science?!! Smoke on the moon???? Fire on the moon? Sound, and not silence on the moon, A a sudden weight gain of billions of tons??? Hundreds of dustbin sized? nuclear weapons in the space shuttle's tiny storage bay???

3. Poor dialog, poor plot?? What plot?

My opinion? There goes 45 mins I will never see again!

And if this is childish nonsense, why is on so late in the evening??? Just to annoy adults

It's strange the Asylum of the Daleks was really good, and 'Kill the moon' is truly appalling

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