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R + G + B will ONLY EVER work for a colour display. It's absolutely rubbish even if correct Colour temperature for lighting as the colour rendition is about the worst possible. Perhaps R G & B laser light might be slightly worse.

"White" LED are worse even than CFL or Florescent lamps as the UV LED isn't short enough wavelength for decent phosphors.

Very efficient CCFL, CFL or Florescent lamps are poorer colour rendition than best ones as the best colour uses more phosphors and less efficient ones to get a smoother spectrum with less gaps, spikes, dips etc

Unless there is a new type of UV LED, the White LED will be always poorer rendition. The phosphors wear too. White LEDs also are not as energy efficient as suggested due to PSU losses and less wide angle light.

Halogen is still best colour artificial light, with some less efficient Florescent lamps and CFLs less good.

RGB LED is far better LCD backlight than "White LED", most cheaper "White LED" are a bit purple and CCFL backlight may yellow a little with age, but after a few years the CCFL backlights are superior as backlights to cheap "white" LED. Very few TVs and Notebooks now have good backlights. Built down to a cost.

The AMOLED phone displays are not traditional R , G, and B LEDs, Sony calls the true LEDs, Crystal displays.

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