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"Maybe where you live..."

Yes, where I live. And since I live in the one of the 10 largest cities in the world I think the statistics of medallion taxi problems versus Uber problems is EXTREMELY valid.

Let's check out how Uber is doing, rather that your condescending belief, no? Let's start with New York City:

"Uber, the smartphone-based hail-a-ride service, often claims it is cheaper than a ride in a taxi. It looks as if some Uber customers do not agree.

The company received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau on Thursday, the lowest possible rating given by the organization."

Long Island City, 2.5 stars, 223 reviews in

Jersey City, 2.5 stars, 232 reviews in

The taxis aren't perfect, but if a taxi double-charges you it would be their license. Uber? Not so much, and there's frequent complaints of that on the Yelp board.

You'd better read those Yelp reviews - Uber's problem goes way beyond the issue of rudeness. Between the criminal charges against violent drivers AND the semi-frequent claims of overcharging concentrating on the blind "surge pricing", the high demand-period surcharge that many drivers do NOT fully quote prior to the start of your ride, your trip on Uber can go sour or cost you triple what you thought / what an equivalent taxi ride would have cost you.

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