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Dot-gay told it's NOT gay enough – but web'll be officially .eco-friendly

Matt Piechota

"I don't approve of the pointless extension of gTLDs; never have done and never will. But if new TLDs exist, I absolutely need to see them as a seamless part of the *the* Internet. Otherwise, it isn't the Internet at all."

My first reaction is to agree with you, but as I thought about it for a bit I'm not so sure. While com, net, edu, org, etc. are ok, I'm not sure they have much relevance (well, maybe .gov and .mil do). For the most part, .com, .net, and sometimes .org are meaningless as the name holders don't pay attention to the "rules" (,, etc.). Just scrap them all and make the address http://foo/ and be done with it.

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