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Fully agree. And your justifiable rant reminds me of the question I've been meaning to put to anyone more experienced with the windoze environment than I am.

Is it not possible to create either a registry setting or registry checker or firewall setting (etc etc) which simply and automatically blocks any attempt at installing not just Chrome but ANYTHING which we don't explicitly (and consciously - for example by being required to enter a randomly generated PIN rather than just clicking a button or pressing Enter) permit? AND, having said NO, will never permit any future attempt to ask us about the same app again unless we go in and re-enable the question for that particular application.

I'm very familiar with many of the registry change blocking shields (on my systems, ZoneAlarm blocks them, Avast blocks them and I've got Regwatcher alerting me to any changes) and even with those aids and few decades of windoze experience, some still get through. So I've acquired considerable expertise in removing the bastards, but prevention would be so much better than cure and protecting my clients, friends and family from such intrusions is virtually impossible.

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