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Video keeps freezing on chrome

On my Win7 at least, can be very annoying, affecting all pop-ups launched from one master, requires a Reload in each affected window to fix.

And, how does one make Chrome have the search/address and the tabs on one line to save screen space (almost never need to see the address anyway) - it is trivial in IE and I can't see anything in the settings, clicking around the tabs and address bar was fruitless too.

And, the Alt key doesn't make a menu system appear like it does on IE. I have to learn the Ctrl key shortcuts, is this CUA-compliant?

And, for the record, who starts a new IE?, run it once and just start a new tab, which is quick enough on my old Core i5, even at 1100 MHz. A restart is not unknown but rare enough to not give a shit about start-up times.

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