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I not sure where the idea that geographical domains are no longer necessary came from. I can see the desire for specialist domains in addition to geographical ones.

Ideas, feelings, activities and many other 'soft' aspects, e.g. the new dot ECO top level domain (Note I am not knocking such needs) are not geographically based. However, if I want a supplier of something, or details of regulations within my territory I do not want to sort through the regulations or suppliers of every place in the world to find what I need.

On a side note, while I have only the tiniest axe to grind* I wonder why humans are apparently so under represented in the gay stakes? Some other animal populations are said to be on average up to about 10% while many can swing either way. Certainly I suspect the rejection of dot gay was likely based more on poor case presentation than other issues. I hope it was not down to simple prejudice.

*My interest is only that by seeking to continually marginalise groups of people their need to make a fuss is increased, its the old action and reaction thing. Why can we not live and let live?

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