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Technology isn't enough. I buy computers because I actually want to use them. Not because I want to spend my time managing them, or dealing with the legal logistics of licensing them. For a computer you can actually use, it sure looks to me like one of the only choices left is some variety of Linux.

Strangely, you've pretty much summed up why I switched to an OSX desktop - mainly because it gives me a good desktop that is fairly easy to secure, but still leaves me a usable *nix command line too and allows me to use Open Source tools such as LibreOffice and Firefox (I don't like Apple's "mail" program). I need design software such as Visio, and after MS butchered its functionality I found it was a lot more efficient to use Omnigraffle on OSX and still get some work done. For anything as server platform I simply use Linux, never had a need for anything else.

If I only needed browsing and office software I'd probably be using a Linux desktop too.

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