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"What if I'm testing forward compatibility for our bespoke software products made for other people under which I am NDA'd and subject to the requrements of ISO27001?"

Then you can either not bother with the Technical Preview, or you can use it in a VM that has no network access, or you can hope that your NDA violation is anonymised by MS.

But whatever you choose, Microsoft were pretty clear in their announcements that the point of making the Tech Preview available to everyone for free is so that they can collect stats on your usage. The Windows 8 previews were all the same and Microsoft repeatedly defended the Win8 UI on the grounds that their "telemetry" contradicted the nay-sayers. There's no such thing as a free lunch and plenty of hints about how MS intend to benefit from your use of the preview. If you don't then read the EULA with some care, that's your problem.

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