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If a client was using a "pre-release" for real production work then I'd be worried. But given the example, I expect the same client would be very grateful if you pointed out that the reason why they are having to always recalculate the VAT on orders is because they keep omitting to tick the "EU sale" box. But then it would probably be correct to regard all ERP systems as 'pre-releases' given the number of fixes the vendors keep sending out ...

However, I think the point you were trying to make was that with enterprise systems the data is being collected either within the organisation or by trusted third-parties, whereas with MS the data is simply being collected and dropped on to a faceless development team somewhere in the world. The interesting thing that arises from this is whether MS will turn this monitoring capability into an Enterprise feature and so create a market for the tools they will have had to develop to analysis this data.

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