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"1st issue as other pointed out they are on a shuttle in space, and have gravity prior to getting near the moon..."

Err, unless you expected the shuttle to land safely on the moon whilst travelling at the speed it would need to get there in less than a human lifetime I guess there would be a need for some degree of acceleration, say 1g, to slow it down.

"The shuttle has nukes... The question is WHY?"

To halt any further changes, the explosion would kill/destroy whatever was causing the changes but no it wouldn't change the mass, that would still be in orbit, hence minimising the negative effects.

"They complained how the extra mass was causing issues... but like others said making kentucky fried dragon would magically change its mass?"

Matter = Energy from f***ing big nuclear furnace in the sky.

"Also how was that slight increase in mass adding full earth gravity to the moon?"

It wasn't adding it to the whole moon, when the super-dense 'chicken' moved away from directly under the base gravity totally disappeared.

"One other thing on the nukes how did they magically know they had enough nukes to even hurt it?"

They didn't, that was simply a comment on the typical human reaction covered in numerous places - we don't understand it = nuke it!

"Then there was the issue I had with the annoying school girl... Why in the world did she have a spray bottle of disinfectant? Was that actually ever explained?"

Yes, she was cleaning.

"Hell even the spray bottle not working later on theoretically as the best I can figure out when Clara needed it while on the moon surface it should still work as a ball valve pulls the water liquid up... just the contents should have boiled out due to how liquids act in a vacuum, but this should have happened by the time it was 1st pulled out though as it was already exposed to space. But instead the Dr says no air..."

Depends on the bottle, not all are the same!

"Why did the shell vaporize?"

It didn't, it just turned to dust ready to be reintegrated into a shell for the next hatching.

"How does something newly born reproduce asexually, and lay an egg bigger then it"

Lots of things reproduce asexually that is hardly unusual. The new egg is just a shell that then accumulates mass from direct energy conversion over time.

I'm not saying all those are the 'right' answers but they do show that it doesn't take much thought to come up with something if you can be bothered to and don't always expect to be spoon fed.

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