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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon

Kevin 6

God this episode was crap

As someone who loves all forms of scifi, and am very used to suspending disbelief to enjoy a story, but this had so many issues on the fundamental level it wasn't funny it was down to the turn off your brain completely, and look at some crappy action level that even most B rated SciFi movies don't get down to.

1st issue as other pointed out they are on a shuttle in space, and have gravity prior to getting near the moon...

The shuttle has nukes... The question is WHY? seriously they were complaining about how the egg hatching would destroy the moon, send fragments of the crust flying at the earth devastating it, and the mass loss would affect the earth, but they came to the moon with nukes to blow it up... seriously?

They complained how the extra mass was causing issues... but like others said making kentucky fried dragon would magically change its mass? Also how was that slight increase in mass adding full earth gravity to the moon?

One other thing on the nukes how did they magically know they had enough nukes to even hurt it? Lets face it the creature was some space bearing animal... Wouldn't its skin be pretty damn thick to survive solar radiation? Hell the nukes might have been more akin to feeding it then anything, but nope 3 last astronauts (even though they stopped training astronauts many years prior) were sent with nukes that could just been launched from earth without the shuttle, and hoping the people carrying them survive bit...

Then there was the issue I had with the annoying school girl... Why in the world did she have a spray bottle of disinfectant? Was that actually ever explained? do school kids in England all carry bottles of spray disinfectant around with them?

Hell even the spray bottle not working later on theoretically as the best I can figure out when Clara needed it while on the moon surface it should still work as a ball valve pulls the water liquid up... just the contents should have boiled out due to how liquids act in a vacuum, but this should have happened by the time it was 1st pulled out though as it was already exposed to space. But instead the Dr says no air...

Throw in some crap about abortion....

Finally back to the moon hatching... Why did the shell vaporize? Last I looked when things hatch the shells don't magically disappear. Also what was that crap about things don't destroy the nest? There are plenty of creatures that destroy what they are laid on/by hell a good number of things that hatch FEED on what they are laid near. Just look at insects.

How does something newly born reproduce asexually, and lay an egg bigger then it

Then there was the generally poor script on top of all of it... I've seen better scripts on B-rated horror movies.

1 of those thing sure, maybe 2, you could suspend belief enough, but the script writer couldn't even be arsed to look up how much the friggin moon's massis, and multiply it by 6 to even get a believable number.

I think I'll give this 3-4 more episodes then if it don't pick up just quit watching it as the script writing is abysmal.

Sory if I just went on, and on to a rant, but seriously this episode just was idiotic.

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