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the not yet announced new ipad does look interesting..

I think I'll be eventually buying the "iPad Air 2" (ten-inch, not the bigger one). It's quite a step-up on the iPad Air, and I currently just have an ancient but still OK iPad2.

The new iPad Air 2 would be the portal of choice for the varied online purchases that we get up to in my house, as I worry about all of the other methods of transacting online. I write IEEE accepted academic papers about these worries!

Even with the very powerful A8/A8X CPU & the estimated 2GB RAM it's still not quite 'as fast' as a desktop, but the iPad is so-far only targeted by government level malware, as far as I know.

Now just have to save-up for a while to afford the little blighter, but it'll probably be worth it - I have relatives who lost £17K (eventually refunded after a year & lots of bother) due to online crime - which is still on the way UP!

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