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"There was some famous guy in court recently. Was trying to protect his missus. Thought someone had broken into his house. Think his name was Oscar somethingorother."

And for every instance and more of a firearms mistake is a crime. I wonder if he would have felt the need for a gun so available without crime?

"Basic rule of firearms safety - identify your target."

Good rule.

"There are times when someone with a firearm handy stops or reduces a crime. There's also many times when someone with a firearm escalates something, or shoots at a legitimate target and misses (see NZ cops killing innocent teenagers), or has their gun taken from then and used either against them or on someone else."

And there is a lot of crime stopped by the fear of consequences. There is a lot of crime stopped by the availability of self defence. Especially for the weaker and less capable. You may have reports of escalation and things going wrong. Thats because there is little to report when it goes right. Instead it just saves a life.

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