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That is because the general direction of travel with respect to UI's for a few decades now has been to make things more accessible to the lowest common denominator, and away from its initial market (typewriter replacement) to new markets where people have had no training in how to use keyboards and a computer (school children). Whilst these ideas have delivered interfaces such as iOS that require minimal user learning, they have also made it more difficult to do things; as we have witnessed in the uproar over Win8.

If memory is correct, MS (and others), deliberately stopped shipping user documentation and specifically relevant here shortcut cribcards/cheat sheets/keyboard key templates (remember those plastic cut out sheets that MS shipped with it's Office app's up to 4.n, that sat on the keyboard just above the function keys) with the releases of Win95 & Office 95, on the basis that software should be 'intuitive' and hence didn't need a manual...

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