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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


I wanted to, as Clara said, smack the Doctor so hard he Regenerated.

Leaving aside the nonsensery with the moon, or about humans ceasing to go to space, or the fact that there's no way in literal hell that the Space Shuttle could get to the moon (it can't, not without massively engineering a project so intense it would've been simpler to scratch-build a purpose-built ship for it,) or that said space shuttle could land ON the bloody moon in the manner that it did without smashing into a BILLION tiny pieces (seriously, try that landing approach in Kerbal Space Program and see what happens - now note that KSP is much, MUCH more forgiving about lithobraking than real physics are,) ... All that aside...

Doctor. Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. Is he *DENSE* or something? Did that last regeneration damage his brain?

This is Clara. Oswald. She isn't Amy Pond, she isn't Martha Jones or Donna Noble, or Rose Tyler, or any of the others he knew for less time or were less important to him.

This is Clara. Freaking. Oswald. The Impossible Girl; the one girl so *selfless* that she willingly stepped into his bloody time stream, tearing herself into *millions* of bits and flinging herself throughout all of space and time, effectively damning herself to an eternity of reincarnation, to protect *him*, from the Great Intelligence that sought to undo him at all points simultaneously. He's had fourteen lives so far, there's no telling how many *she's* had, how many times she'd had to reincarnate to save him from some act of a hostile animating force, but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt it's not limited to once per regeneration of his. To some degree, she's aware of this, too.

She is, if anything, at least as much of a hero as the Doctor, because without her his own heroics would have been derailed. She also doesn't have the benefit of his millennia of continuous experience.

So, what the hell? She's already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt she knows what sacrifice means, that she knows what it is to do the right thing, even if it's frightening, or dangerous, or even if it means literally killing herself. The stabilizers weren't on her bike and haven't been ever since her first trip to Trenzalore, if not before. So... Has he just plain forgotten? Or is he *completely* thick, insulting her and emotionally hurting her like that?

Or is he just being a right bastard and trying to intentionally drive her off, because if he doesn't then this copy of her will *never* get off the TARDIS and get down to the business of shagging Mr. Maths Teacher and spawning the dynasty that will lead to that poor bloke getting trapped at the end of time?

Honestly, I wouldn't put that past him, but I'd give it even odds either way. The Doctor can be a right moron when the the show-runner wants to get rid of a companion. Remember Donna, who was dying because she'd absorbed a Time Lord's ancient memories into a human brain that was biologically unprepared to deal with it? Now do you happen to remember that Ten had, in that very control room (unless he'd put it away somewhere else,) a device capable of physically changing someone's species, at least from specifically human to specifically Time Lord? Because he sure as hell didn't.

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