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The problem was, it wasn't clever, it wasn't scary, it wasn't adventurous, and it wasn't fun.

Too many things we were asked to believe were too far off. Too close in the future, Mexicans, not Soviets or Indians, gaining weight, new egg from chick. Plus, the far too recognisable Clara-Doctor split. The break from character for Clara and the Doctor was too much.

It's a shame, Peter C brings a nice dark edge, but he was given a silly script (daft in places, completely mean in others) which was jarring. Clara is supposed to be clever but is so emotional I had difficulty tracking why she went off the deep end - it seemed a forced event to reach a particular conclusion.

It felt like someone had been given a formula and wrote a script without reference to any other episodes or character development.

At least the aliens were better than in the Caretaker episode!

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