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My family's safety is worth more than some rapist or serial killer's life to me.

There was some famous guy in court recently. Was trying to protect his missus. Thought someone had broken into his house. Think his name was Oscar somethingorother.

Basic rule of firearms safety - identify your target. In a home defense case, that must also include identifying the motive of the person in your house - is it someone there intent on harming you or your family? Fire away. A neighbour who has managed to get so drunk they don't realise why their key suddenly doesn't work? Sure, fire away. Afterwards, enjoy yourself as you explain to their grieving family why you shot them. (I'm sure you'll be able to find such cases on Google).

There are times when someone with a firearm handy stops or reduces a crime. There's also many times when someone with a firearm escalates something, or shoots at a legitimate target and misses (see NZ cops killing innocent teenagers), or has their gun taken from then and used either against them or on someone else.

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