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No one complains that an X-Wing can fly "really fast" because they kept the Sci-Fi in the fiction and story telling category. Fun and entertaining.

But if they tried to say "The X-Wing is really fast, it flies 10mph and gets to the moon in 3 minutes" they can start to sound like a fool. The one place Lucas attempted to do that, with the Millennium Falcon, and he got his parsecs muddled up! That seems to be what happened with Dr Who here too.

The difference is in putting the detail in building the characters and the backdrops and events. Not in completely fluffing either numbers, maths or logic. If they just said "the moons gravity is increasing, we don't know why" or similar, no one has to feel sick with the failure in maths that comes with "it gained 1.3 billions tons!!!"

Worse, that's not how people talk in real life. We care less how much water flooded our house, it's that it did flood. Well, with the exception of news reports that insist on using figures to tart up their dialogue.

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