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Well, I care - some innovation I came across..

I hadn't really paid attention to what exactly iOS8 brings - I installed it because customers will have installed it and I had to get familiar with it. I wasn't quite prepared for how good the phone integration was.

The first time I realised this was when my phone rang and my iPad was alerting me to this fact too. "OK, fine, good to know" I thought and that would have been that, if I had not been in another room later when it rang again, and out of curiosity I used the screen that came up on the iPad to pick up the call while I prepared to rush back to my desk next door. And sat back down, because the iPad had basically turned into a speakerphone to handle the call. A bit of experimenting then shows that the call initiation from the iPhone basically does the same.

Now I don't know about you, but that simple, stupid feature has been eluding us for the last, oh, 20 years or so. Only at high costs can you normally have IT to phone integration as anyone knows who has ever had to set up a call centre for support - it's certainly not something you'd have as a home user unless you were prepared to seriously hack your kit (or use Skype, but that's gone to the dogs since MS started to change it IMHO).

From what I recall, Yosemite will have this too, but I would like to point out that this comes *free* with the new operating systems (which are also free). There's not even that big a fanfare about it, it's just part of the package. For free. Nada. No big fuss - I think they maybe had a 20 sec demo in the presentation (I didn't watch it, I just saw it fly by in some later reporting - correct me if I'm wrong). Now you can just use it. Set up a CRM with a call to this function (and I suspect the "callto:" URL may also hit this) and off you go.

Yes, you need kit that's not quite stone age, but I use an iPhone 4s, my iPad is not new either and my test laptop is from mid 2010 so it's 4 year old (but has a 1680 x 1050 screen as I tend to do a lot of diagnostics which require screen real estate).

I need to check how safe this is (privacy and comms wise), but that is just one of these things that Apple just throws in without too big a song and dance about it (apropos song & dance, I really think Apple should stop trying to be cool by using U2, but that's just me).

Am I a fan of Apple products? Yes. Not universally so (I do not like the iPhone 6+ in any way, shape or form, for instance, and the laptop power supplies seriously suck in the way they handle cable), but in the main I found using Apple to be of a better benefit to my business and home than MS or Google's Android. And that's the only metric that has value - my personal assessment and the TCO model we use - it is very well possible that YMMV. And I won't berate you for it - I would be interested in the metrics you use to evaluate because that's what a discussion is about - exchanging ideas. Not this stupid tribalism.

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