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And so it begins...

There's nothing quite like TV Sci Fi for stirring the emotions. On Amazon, for instance, the most passionate, informed or simply plain daft reviews are always, always about a Sci Fi film. And so it is here. Contributors becoming exercised about the factual content of a fictional show is nothing new, but there just might be an underlying currency to their views in this case.

Science Fiction fans tend to be brighter than the average and often hail from real world science careers, and it's the intellect of the fan base that makes it so hard to write good Sci Fi. As both an author and enthusiast I know that only too well, but Brid-Aine's observations about the lack of hard science in this latest episode ring true. It's true we accept the TARDIS, and a Time Lord, but there's good reason for that: both are aspects of a science well beyond our comprehension, at least for now. The problem with this latest episode was that it deal with science that most bright youngsters understand; mass, pressure, orbital mechanics and simple life forms, and it fell down through a combination of either poor research and even poorer costuming, or through a horrendously slashed budget.

Missed opportunities abounded, too; why were the Doctor's space suits so ropey? We know in the real world that intense research is being undertaken on skin-tight suits for use in low-pressure environments, or even in space. But from the look of the Doctor's suits, there wasn't even any pressure differential.

I'll stick with Dr Who, as I have since the original series, and the darkness around the Dr is curiously fascinating, but if Moffat et. al. treat a generation of youngsters with the disdain shown in this latest episode then the time might even come to revert to Star Trek.

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