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Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


What an episode of utter poop. I know Doctor Who is far from 'hard' sci-fi but there is soft and then there is this crap. The moon is an egg, really? Really? REALLY!?!?

And then we get to the paper thin allegory for abortion (Really Doctor Who?) with the Doctor leaving it to 'womenkind' and judging humanity for wanting to survive... I wanted to slap Clara when she tapped the abort button. Putting billions of lives at risk for her morals. Stupid bitch.

And the plotholes... oh dear god the plotholes!

Seriously I've been giving this season a chance, but I'm getting to the point where I'm going to drop it if things don't pick up, there has been one good episode (the bank episode), all the others have been retreads of previous nuWho episodes, only not as good.

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