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Touch typing

Touch typing or eight or ten finger typing or what ever. My advice to anybody, especially yong programmers is to learn if. You will never regret it (nor will the company you work for). It's not only faster but you can keep your eyes on the screen and forget the keyboard and your fingers. In fact I would suggest companies who employ people to demand it. I remember a guy who sat in the same room as I and I was very impressed with the sound of his typing until I found out more or less every second keystroke was a back space. The text progressed like a drunk man, a few steps forward and then some steps back, and there it tried to go forward again. And yes, I did shut up he was quite a good programmer all the same.

And now I suppose you think I am a superb touch typing guy on my high horse, but I am a lousy, about three finger, guy.

At school we where given the opportunity to learn touch typing but then slightly later starting as a programmer there where at first years of numeric machine code and I lost it all.

Even now writing this I am pissed off as I know I could have finished long ago. I can only blame my self, and I do.

As for short keys I would assume people prefer the Ctrl +/- to the mouse.

As a rather Linux user I prefer the mouse to Ctrl C and V, but that is an other story.

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