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One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?


"Universal" my ass!

"Another issue is that universal apps only support Windows Runtime (Windows Store app) targets. Standard Windows desktop apps are not included."


I understood from the outset that we would not be talking about truly (almost) universal apps — "universal" in the sense of running under Mac OS X (including iOS), Linux (including Android), and the various (other) BSDs (let alone AIX, Solaris, and any other Unix variants, but still presumably omitting NonStop, OpenVMS, Neutrino/BBOS 10, and gazillions of other OSes) as well as under the various (surviving) OSes with the word "Windows" in their name — but this isn't even universal with respect to the Microsoft universe alone!

Provide the ability to generate apps for the classic ("desktop") environment as well as for "Modern" or "Metro" and then you will have some valid (if still qualified) claim to the term "universal". But quit jacking us off until that happens.

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