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What’s the KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for Delete?! Look in a contextual menu, fool!


While it is obvious that keyboard commands are very fast if you know them the case is still that in the old world then the only people who actually managed to do anything more than type in some text and save it (or even just managed to do that) were people who were willing to spend many, many hours preparing to do their work.

Their work tended to focus on text or numbers, or a combination of text numbers and images (publish ing) and they were willing to spend the hundreds of hours required to learn their system, and most of them would then only use one or two systems.

Contrast that with today when the basic expectation is that anyone even thinking about doing anything more than restocking shelves at Tesco is expected to know how to use a word processor, spreadsheet, photo manipulation software, a desktop publishing system, and countless other software packages. Most of these people would NEVER have spent the time required to learn WordPerfect or LOTUS 1-2-3 or any other such arcane package.

OF COURSE these people are going to be inefficient and not understand what is going on underneath in the system... But they ARE getting stuff done that they would not have been able to in the "good old days"... (and I put the air quotes in on purpose)

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