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What’s the KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for Delete?! Look in a contextual menu, fool!


Your shortcut gems?

I think a knowledge of short cut keys is on the decline but may be replaced with voice commands. There is little enough time for training as it is and people don't see the advantage of learning them. As a manager I have used staff development days to instruct my staff in them, especially with excel (advantage for any job involving data) and encourage their constant use. Love seeing them training others to use them.

Most underused combinations IMO (most excel):

ctrl + y redo last action. So redo an undo. Also repeat last action, delete a row, highlight next and ctrl + y will delete again.

ctrl + 1 format cell, right arrow key to switch tab and Alt + w twice to remove wrapping, return.

ctrl + --> jump to right to next empty column

shift + ctrl + --> highlight to right

ctrl + end jump to bottom left data (shift highlights and home for top left of data) wonderful for macros.

F2 edit cell in excel

What are yours?

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