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OMG! With nothing but machine tools, steel and parts you can make a GUN!!


If this is freedom, give me oppression

"It's laws and, dammit, governments which keep you free - not guns."

Normally I agree with what Lewis posts, but this is just fucking retarded. Laws and government make me free? Let's list a few "freedoms" shall we?

Government dictates:

What I can keep of what I earn

What I can put into my body (drugs, sugar, fats, nicotine)

What two consenting adults can exchange for sex (hint: nothing)

What I can watch

What I can say (Citizens United helps, but still a drop in the bucket)

What I must be taught in school

How I must "save" for retirement (calling the Ponzi Scheme SS retirement is novel)

And oh so many more.

Yeah, real free.

And as to Lewis' wet dream about a rifle squad able to take all comers, there are a few people in Afghanistan and Iraq that are presently laughing their asses off at you, not to mention a guy called Cliven Bundy. The notion that the military is just an extension of your European royalty (hint: we don't have that) does not apply here. And the notion that the US military could and would just roll over a rebellious population is laughable, police militarization notwithstanding.

Do better than Eurotard next time, Lewis.

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