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Surprised to see nothing in the original article nor in the comments about Canada, which falls somewhere between the US and GB in gun laws and gun deaths. Almost all gun deaths here in Vancouver and BC have been drug gang related shootings with a few police shootings of citizens.

The biggest gun issue in Canada was the long gun registry, brought in by the federal Liberal gov't and removed years later by the Conservative gov't. The law was popular with urban types unfamiliar with guns or gun laws and deeply unpopular with rural types to whom guns are tools. Urban types confused the registry with gun control, which it was not. We already had and still have gun control, requiring a Firearms Acquisition Certificate before a gun can be purchased.

During CBC radio's national phone-in show following the second Montreal uni shooting spree, a listener told of recently obtaining his FAC. Out of interest he asked the three references he'd supplied if they'd been contacted by authorities. None had been. That's where the money wasted on the registry should have been spent. The registry was a purely political move. The NDP even forced its rural members opposed to the registry to vote against scrapping it in order to keep urban votes.

I'm happy with Canada's laws that prohibit handguns (save maybe for severly limited gun range use) but permit long gun ownership. Urban pellet rifle owner that ate a lot of moosemeat growing up.

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