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"So you must mean the apps. Well, they are Microsoft Proprietary"

Not sure what 'apps' you mean - but MS Office for instance is currently by far the best platform on the market that fully supports ODF.

"As for using Linux desktop, the Linux UI is superior to the Windows UI in most regards"

It really isn't - Windows has far more advanced touch and gesture capabilities for instance.

"(the exception being raw performance achieved at the expense of seriously compromising the system's security)."

You mean using BASH presumably.

" and if you don't need the ultimate raw graphics performance, I'd say the best place for Windows is running in a VM, displaying in a Linux window in a workspace on a Linux desktop."

Linux is one of the least efficient, least secure, and least popular Hypervisors (KVM has a less than 1% market share). The more obvious choice for VDI (as is reflected in market share) would be to use Hyper-V Server which is totally free (including patches and support - unlike say KVM on Redhat) is much more efficient, is more scalable and has a much smaller attack surface than having to run an entire Linux install as per KVM. Or I would consider vSphere if money is no object.

"If nothing else, you get snapshots this way"

You already have that built into Windows. No need to add a hypervisor for that functionality.

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