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Hang on, you think the police are going to be able to break this? How exactly? By trying 10,000 PIN codes one by one, hoping you're dumb enough to have a 4 digit PIN, and hoping you're not paranoid enough to enable the option to wipe your device with 10 wrong guesses? By removing the flash chips from your phone and loading the encrypted data off them to work with?

Too bad Apple salts the encryption, so rainbow tables won't work. It won't take a very complex password to keep them out, unless they hand the problem over to the NSA, in which case you might want to consider a complex 16 character password.

Our governments have no one but themselves to blame. It used to be if you were worried about the government slurping up data on normal citizens you were fitted for a tin foil hat. Now the ones wearing Reynolds Wrap are the ones who still think the government can be trusted.

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