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Yes, that's why animals rights are a limited scope ideal - they cannot be held to account, but by the same measure they cannot be given rights. However, being civil to animals shouldn't require a legal threat.

In this society we have laws that are supposed to apply equally to all adults. Children as we know are a special case as "sub-adults" and therefore should be treated accordingly.

The thing about guns is they give a normal person a fighting chance against a much bigger opponent. Our ancestors mastered weapons in the past (spears, stones, fire etc..) in order to make Homo sapiens sapiens the dominant species on this planet. And perhaps anywhere...(no data on this yet.).

The 2nd amendment of the US constitution is as historically notable as the 1st amendment. The founding fathers knew very well that the 1st was meaningless without the 2nd. The UK today is indistinguishable from the country that the 1776 war of independence was about - monarchy, lawless rich, suppression of speech, taxation without representation...the list goes on.

As nauseating as the gun ownership debate can be, let's not forget that no guns were used in the executing of those journalists, with social media used to spread the images. We can't ban knives because a bunch of psychopathic lunatics misuse them. We can't ban free speech , because that in no way stops the violence. We can't ban guns just because it makes the government uncomfortable.

It may help if the legal situation was clarified that a police officer shooting a citizen dead (unarmed or otherwise) is treated the same way as when a citizen shoots anyone else. This is unfortunately common in the USA but the UK is not so different.

In the UK there are no guns because the govt took them away after WWII. UK Police can shoot people dead at will, with no legal recourse (yes, this one . The recent events in Ferguson,MO is by no means isolated.

In the USA there are guns because it was recognized it was not safe to let the govt be the only ones.

The govt wants a back door in your phone, limits on your speech and your right to peacefully organise or protest. A control on your imagination by stopping the sharing of information through draconian copyright laws.

This guy is simply demonstrating the technology is neutral (yeah, a bit of a grandstander, I get it). It is the humans who decide what good it does.


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