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One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?

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"You're a newcomer to Apple, aren't you? ... HyperCard, QuickDraw GX, OpenTransport, MacApp, Resource Manager, CocoaJava and Carbon is next to go (no 64-bit support). I'm not going to include things like Dylan, etc, as nobody got a chance to ship applications based on those."

I'm sort of a newcomer and sort of not. I started developing on a Mac SE, switched to Windows for some intervening years, and came back to Apple with iPhone apps.

I suppose you're right, the original comment was about ditching "technologies" whereas I was thinking more about how many times Apple (vs. Microsoft) has told developers "hey this is now the one true way to write software for our platform(s)."

(Still, if one were to make a list of developer "technologies" Microsoft has come up with and then ditched, I'm certain the list would be much much longer...)

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