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"I have absolutely no problem with Microsoft collecting info on my beta copy."

WHAT "beta copy"?

Microsoft haven't released a beta version of Windows 10: there is only a Technology Preview, which means it's not even at the Alpha test stage yet. The final release is almost a year away!

Microsoft explicitly warned you to expect "a UI design that might change significantly over time." That's copied verbatim from here. You have no excuse for not reading that section. None.

So the GUI is clearly still a work in progress. Nothing is nailed down. Features are being added. Others might be taken away, tweaked, or replaced wholesale.

In short: this is NOT a "beta" release.

As you appear to be unaware of what a beta release is supposed to be, allow me to explain: a beta release—despite Google's attempts to suggest otherwise—is feature-complete, with development of new features frozen: no new features are allowed to be added to the codebase beyond this point. (Any new features that aren't in the beta are automatically kicked into the next release cycle.)

Beta releases are the last leg of the journey towards release. Right now, Windows 10 has only just left the starting gate.

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