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Windows 10 Preview - First Impressions?


Windows 10 Preview - First Impressions?

Thought I'd start a hopefully flamewar free topic for anyone who has given Windows 10 a test drive. I downloaded it last night onto my Asus Zenbook. Impressions so far:

1. The upgrade from Windows 7 was a doddle. Apart from pressing a button to restart once I didn't have to do anything for the upgrade to proceed. It took about 1 hour all in.

2. Bootup time slightly slower than Windows 7 but I would probably do a clean install for a real life upgrade.

3. New start menu is ok. That's it, just ok. I don't think the live tiles add very much but at least it wasn't as wide as it appeared in screenshots I've seen. Seems to be a real lack of customisation options apart from adding/removing live tiles.

I haven't had much time to do a really deep test but most of my applications and drivers seem work ok. Therefore verdict thus far is "not bad but why would I buy it?". Thoughts from anyone else?

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