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One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?

Chris 69

So you think apps are dead...just use the browser... LOL

FFS how did we ever get to the crappy situation we have where simple stuff we took for granted 20 years ago on all kinds of desktop apps still can't be done now because the browser writers have spent so much time pissing on each other instead of innovating. (e.g Writing an email or document and just pasting screen clips in-line from the clipboard)

The fashion for ramming everything through the most unreliable, insecure, undocumented, poorly-specified, cruft-ridden and functionally limited front end - only to present the end user with yet another gratuitously different and incomprehensible UI experience, needs to be taken out and shot.

Had we universally adopted Applets, or Flash or Silverlight (or anything similar) and worked together as an industry to produce a SINGLE solution it would have been brilliant for the end users, and the CUSTOMERS (ie whoever is paying you to develop stuff) but no... we have all been sacrificed on the alter of that false god "competition".

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