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One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?

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"Install Windows 8 and just skip the customization at install. It's all on and streaming your life to them, 24/7."

I assume you mean the Express Settings option - that displays a warning in large text in the middle of the screen that tells you very clearly and specifically that if you continue it will "help improve Microsoft software, services and location services by sending us info" if you continue - so it's not on unless you agree to it. It's not exactly buried in an EULA, etc.

"Google, for all their sins, give you one single location to see everything they collect on you and to delete it, opt out or quit the service. It's time Microsoft did this"

There are only two locations - Under Settings Privacy > General and Search and apps > Search if you don't want your searches sent to Bing. Not exactly challenging to disable if you mislaid your tin foil hat.

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