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How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?

Michael Wojcik Silver badge

But if you can't tell the difference already, what "breakthrough" could possibly improve the experience?

And what if you don't care? I've been buying music (defined broadly) for three decades, and I consistently find myself unable to give a damn about fidelity. There are songs I enjoy listening to, and I enjoy them just as much from a bargain-basement MP3 player and earbuds as I do from a CD and fancy audio components (when I hear them played on someone else's system, since I don't own any player that cost more than $30).

Yes, I understand that many people do care; but some of the codec warriors don't seem to understand that not everyone shares their passion.

That said, when our phones all have terabytes of storage, we'll probably all use lossless.

I'll use whatever format it comes in when I buy it.

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