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Re: signed-up for free trial in France - still feel it is bad value for money

Here in Germany they don't even have the rights for some of their own material. House of Cards is a Sky exclusive at the moment! Until that deal runs out, there will be no House of Cards on Netflix... :-S

On top of that, I don't know what the general pay-TV rates are like in Germany, but I don't know anyone that pays for channels. Those using cable internet, that I know, seem to just take the FTA channels. Likewise I don't know anyone with satellite that has a Sky subscription over here, they just get the FTA channels - and with over 50 German language channels, there is plenty of choice, so most don't bother with pay-TV.

The only advantage Netflix would bring, for me, would be original sound track. I currently get Amazon Prime Instant Video as part of my Prime subscription (which I use for the free next day delivery and the Kindle Library), but that seems to currently only be German language.

Given that I've watched less than 1 film a month on average with Prime, I don't see me getting much out of Netflix. Although I have ordered a FireTV at 49€, so I might start watching more...

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