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It's quite simple really,

I'm an ex uk customer. I signed up, discovered 99% of the library is old stuff that I have seen, but give them a chance... and some repeats of classic movies can be enjoyable.

watched and loved Lilyhammer, house of cards and quite a few movies. what great value for £6 a month. marvelous.

By month 3 I had seen pretty much all i was interested in, still 6 quid for some favourite standup shows, pretty good. and still able to feel slightly morally superior to the torrenters (a bit), I mean my 6 quid must be going somewhere creative!

month 7... haven't even logged in for 6 weeks. WTF am I paying 6 quid a month for.

End of subscription.

I'm a bit gutted, because technically the service is excellent. and the opportunity to binge on box set's makes for a nice relaxing weekend occasionally.

And I get the economics of it, so I understand how unreasonable the following is. but the library is too small, and too shallow and does not change fast enough.

For £6 a month if there was just 1 movie a month I wanted to watch, or a series every few months, I might have stuck it out for a year or two to let the thing mature. But the utility of the service due to the constraints of content means that for me (and i suspect many many others) the usefulness dropped of exponentially.

sad really (come to think of it, same as VM's VoD - haven't used that for a few years either for the same reason)

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