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Dr_N is right about the VPN

Netflix is at its best when connected through a VPN. This now means that (English speaking) people living in these new countries can sign up, connect through a VPN to USA (for the biggest selection). My wife an I ditched Sky TV (£21 - £71 pcm + adverts + contract) in favour of Netflix (watch what you want, when you want with no adverts - just so long as they have it - for £6 pcm with no adverts or contract). For the difference in price, you could go ahead and get Amazon Prime as well (also £6 pcm) and still come out way ahead. With Sky, you are paying to watch adverts. Screw that!

Oh, and if you are worried about watching it on your big screen telly, get a chromecast or better still something like a Sony BDP-S1200 (although a doubt the sony has an option to connect to a VPN).

And on the subject of VPNs, if you are not scared of a Linux terminal shell you can (like me) get a VPS in the USA for $13.50 per YEAR ( For that you get 500GB of data pcm - plenty. Just install Ubuntu Server, ask nicely to have ppp enabled and install pptpd (plenty of online guides for this). I haven't tried watching Amazon Prime through the VPN, so I can't comment on that, but Netflix works a charm.

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