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signed-up for free trial in France - still feel it is bad value for money

well, I was happy to hear Netflix was finally available in France. I signed-up for the free trial. The quality is great, works well etc, as this is standard Netflix service according to my UK friends, but it seems all I am paying for is access to a library (incomplete) of loads of old movies and TV series. Where is the new content? What's worse too is that House of Cards, a show they produce themselves I believe, is not even available as the rights were sold to another French provider!

Things I wanted to watch:

-Doctor Who (just old series, not airing the new one)

-Big Bang Theory (old, not yet showing new ones)

-Modern Family (again old)

-Goodwife - no sign of this season either!

I could go on...

Never having tried Netflix, I always imagined that the latest shows were available, however it seems that it is not the case, you just pay of a load of old TV. Long live pirate bay as far as I am concerned. I am happy to pay for instant access, but not happy to pay for shows that were aired a long time ago.

This article has reminded me to check when the free trial is over, as I will not pay for access to a load of old TV series and old movies - not worth it.

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