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It is not my own government I am most worried about.

I am British and while of the opinion that Whitehall drones, spooks and others need to be kept under control by the electorate, I think there are bigger concerns.

The US establishment has amply demonstrated that their own serfs have few rights. We have even less as far as they are concerned. If they do not give a toss about their own sacred constitution, what hope for the remaining 96% of humanity?

An equal worry is commerce. Again, the worst excesses seem to come from across the pond but their subsidiaries on this side are just a bad and they seem to have been giving lessons to people on this side that customers are bad and always steal your stuff.

The first two things that need dealt with come as handy acronyms - DRMs and EULAs need to be completely reformed. If I pay you money for something, the only right you have is how many copies of your software I run. If I sell my copy, all rights should go with it. Whether I watch/hear it on TV, phone, tablet or DVD player is not relevant to you. The Only acceptable EULAs I recall are GPL and Creative Commons. Certainly Microsoft ones are a brilliant example of what they should not say!

There is more to say but some pigs just flew overhead...

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