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Re: Headline should read "Note 3 Twice as Strong as iPhone 6"

You can be certain that Apple will wriggle out of repairing / replacing these sub-standard efforts. They will invoke some tiny-print sub-clause in their warranty agreement that absolves them of any blame for poor design or manufacturing flaws.

They obviously discovered that their prototypes were too expensive to make and too heavy to sell, so decided to compromise the mechanical rigidity of the product in an effort to maximise their profits - after all, Apple fanbois are notoriously uncritical and very defensive of their favourite products!

In this first week, I've seen these bricked by flawed updates, killed by defective batteries (they partially charge once than fail to re-charge), bent, with cracked screens straight out of the box, and just simply not working from new....

Apple need to recall these things, admit they got it very wrong, and ship a new product that addresses all the flaws as soon as possible. This might allow them to retain some of their market share....

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