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You have the right to decide what software runs on your devices, if you are choosy about your devices. Manufacturers and vendors have the right to limit the devices they provide in any way they like. It is up to you whether to buy them. And those who hold government granted monopolies on books, recorded performances, and the like are entitled to insist on whatever constraints they like, including specifically DRM systems to control your access to them; it is your choice whether to accept the restrictions or not.

Some people (I have read) like the locked down walled garden DRM ridden approach of Apple or the slightly less restrictive approach of Microsoft and the vast majority of Android device providers. There is no more reason to make them illegal than there is to make them legally required.

That copyright duration exceeds by at least a full order of magnitude what is reasonable and that the patent issuing system, especially in the US, is out of control are matters related only peripherally to the mechanisms used to enforce them. They can be addressed separately and, unfortunately, with a similar success probability.

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