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Pono music - a hope for us old farts?

I still enjoy the sound of vinyl records played on quality turn tables. Especially anything with a little soul. If you shop around that doesn't mean you have to spend 2k anymore either...

I rip my own CD's because I can do that to a lossless format, not the 320 garbage from most music MP3 sellers

- An entire generation has lost the content music really contains. Crap quality MP3's are like listening to a good quality stereo through a pillow. The effect for most people today is the equivalence of being tone deaf.

If one can't afford decent stereo equipment, I recommend at least a decent set of over your ear headphones - think 200.00+. Everyone owes it to themselves to at least try a demo pair in a store. They are worth every cent. You'll be shocked how much 'bonus' sound there is in your music compared to your 5 or 10.00 ears buds

I know it is 'work' to rip your own cd's - if you can even find them anymore, but hearing ALL of the sounds that were recorded by your favorite artist is completely mind blowing after years of listening to the compressed and muffled versions that are so easily available.

The hope for me is a little project that started up on Kickstarter that I invested in myself and preordered a player - called Pono.

Do yourself a favor and search it. Mine is arriving in a couple short weeks. The mainstream launch happens early in the new year.

They sport what will be the highest quality music player in the business with a massive memory capacity, and will play ALL music formats, but there focus for them is on lossless music.

Their music store will also be selling lossless format music! It will come at a slight premium vs. the other compressed music, and you won't fit as many songs in the same space, but this effort is one that has been too long coming, and I look forward to it! \

This may even force the giants of the industry to step up their standards at least a little ...

So, Old farts and music connoisseurs rejoice, a choice of quality and simplicity is finally upon us... Support and embrace it. Help it grow.


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