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Amazon anyone?

I haven't read through the 6-score comments that came before me, but I too only bother with streaming when I'm at home or on cheap (free) wi-fi. Why would I waste my airtime/bandwidth when I can put whatever I want on local storage and access it instantly? And while "the cloud" is apparently still the current fad, I'm still pretty happy having a local copy.

But I will say that I'm pleased with the way Amazon does streaming and purchases. For about a buck I can get a decent quality download of most anything, unencumbered with moronic and aggravating DRM, and download or stream it as much as I want. And with a Prime membership, I can listen to most anything I want if I want to stream, without relying on ad-driven services like Pandora, etc. that do play songs I like, but mixed in with things I want to skip--and can only skip a few times without getting more ads.

No, I don't work for Amazon, and they have occasionally irritated me, but other music services could take a page from their book.

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