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Alistair - glad it's not just me!

Most of my vinyl record collection from the 80's has gone to pay for stuff. CDs are good though. Even my 16 year ld daughter likes CDs - it's something tangible that you can hold and is yours. Sort of. Then we rip the songs to MP3s and add them to the music collection on the NAS. At least we know what's on there is stuff we like! Except Bastile, of course. Droning monotonous noise! However said group are releasing a vinyl album! so my enlightened daughter asked if we have a 'vinyl player'. My wife and I looked at each other and asked what one of those is? Then began a week-long windup. "Nope, but I do have a record player, otherwise known as a turntable. Will that do? And are they releasing the ep in 12" and will it be 45 and 33 1/3 on different sides like in the old days? Coloured vinyl or picture disk?" Oh so much fun to be had while it lasted. "Or you could just download it." That prompted a sarky comment, being thrown out of the room and a slammed door. And a chuckle from me and the missus.

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